On Monday, Okt.26th at 10h am: Come to the schoolyard in Adalbertstr 56 !! We´ll need all your support to strengthen the negotiations with the Liegenschaftsfont (an institution run by the city council. deals with all the empty grounds that is owned by the city) --- SCHWARZER KANAL B.(e/leibt) !!!!

Kommt Montag, den 26.Oktober um 10 Uhr zum Schulhof der Adalbertstr 56!! Wir brauchen eure Unterstützung!!

New ground for SchwarzerKanal!!

On Friday We squatted a new place in Adalbertstraße 53. It is an old school that had been empty for years. The new place is very close to where we are now. During negotiations with the politicians and the owners from the Liegenschaftsont, we manage to get a permission to stay for the weekend!!!
We set to have a meeting with the liegenschaftsont on monday morning in order to find a fast and sustainable solution.
Meanwhile, all the program moved to the new place. The mini-Entzaubert already took place last night on the new ground.
Today, sat. we will finish the Demonstration on the new ground!
Come with us to the demo to support SchwarzerKanal and to new platz. 13h Warschauer S-Bahn

by the way…

we set up big tents! wir haben grosse zelte aufgebaut!! don´t fear the rain :p